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Chinese Teapot Adult Game

Chinese Teapot Game is rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 7 votes.

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How to Play the Chinese Teapot Adult Game

This is a version of Chinese Whisper. It's a know it all game, one player will act out and the other will guess. The goal of this game is to prove the sayings "Action speaks louder than words".

What you need:

  • Ten or more players

How to play:

  • Form your guests into two teams, A and B. Everyone can join but you have to choose one person from each team who can be the player A1 and B1. They will be asked to leave the room.
  • Player A1 thinks of an everyday activity, such as "frying an egg" or "cleaning the windows", and and acts it out to player B1.
  • Player B1 guesses what the activity might be, and ask Player A2 to come in to the room.
  • B1 tells A2 their assumption
  • Now player B2 is called and player A2 acts out the activity. Player B2 guesses, calls player A3 and acts out to player B3, and so on.
  • All members of team A knows- or think they know-what the activity is and act it out to members of team B, while members of team B have to guess and pass their assumptions on to members of team A.
  • You will be amazed how quick the transition is, and with everyone in the room being "in the know".

Adults Playing Chinese Teapot Game

Who wins:

  • There is no winner in this game- its just for the sake of fun.

Variation of the game:

  • Adjectives. You may try to use adjective like gorgeous, terrifying, clumsy. Ask your guest to act it out, It can be much more difficult difficult for the players to guess.

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