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Cinderella and the Prince Adult Game

Cinderella and the Prince Game is rated 4.4 out of 5 based on 7 votes.

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How to Play the Cinderella and the Prince Adult Game

This game is a great ice breaker. This will allow your visitors to talk freely to other people whom they just meet in the party. This may start more intimate acquaintances to some guest present in your party.

What you need:

  • No props or tools needed in this game and everyone can join.

How to play:

  • Require all your guests to take off their shoes as they arrive in the party hall.
  • Let them file it neatly on the side of the hall. Of course, this is something that may not agreeable to everybody but discourage objections and give them assurance that they donít need to worry.
  • Tell them that it is great to walk barefooted inside the hall once in a while.
  • Now, choose male guests to get a pair of shoes that is not theirs then let them find Cinderella, the owner of the shoes.
  • Instruct the mechanics of the game to all visitors and ask them to cooperate.
  • Once the finder already has an idea of who is the owner of the shoe, he will ask her to fit it.

Adults Playing Cinderella and the Prince

Who wins:

  • The finder will be given a pumpkin point for every wrong person who tried to fit the shoe. If he got the highest pumpkin points he will do the forfeits but if he got fewer pumpkins he will be prince.

Variation on the game

  •  You may try to give the phrase in foreign language, to confuse the listeners.

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