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Dopey Donuts Adult Party Game

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How to Play the Dopey Donuts Adult Party Game

A classic game played in most birthday parties, which makes every guests roll out with laughter.

What you need:

  • Players
  • Donuts
  • A blindfold

How to Play the Dopey Donuts Adult Party Game

How to play:

  • Using a string, hang the donuts in a line at the center.
  • Gather all players and ask them to form a line.
  • Blindfold the first player on the line and at a signal, the player will run to the center and eat as many donuts as he/she can within 15 minutes.
  • The player will go back to the line and blindfold the next player and so on.

Who wins:

  • The player who eats the most donuts wins.

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