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Farmer Giles Adult Game

Farmer Giles Game is rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 9 votes.

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How to Play the Farmer Giles Adult Game

If you love farm animals, you will surely love this game. This is really a noisy game but very entertaining. It requires cooperation from all the team members in order to win.

What you need :

  • A number of players
  • A number of small objects

How to play :

  • Before the party starts, assemble the number of small objects such as, apple, umbrella, a photo etc.
  • Make a list of about ten objects in each one. Add the name of the farm animal on each list for example : pig, cow sheep, goats.
  • As the guests arrived divide them into a number of small teams. Each team should have at least 5 members. Every team should have a leader. Then give the list to the teams and inform them if there's a room in the area that is being restricted.
  • The players should start looking for the objects and once they found one they should not pick it up instead they have to call the attention of their leaders by making their assigned animal voice.
  • The leader should follow the noise and go to collect the find.

Adults Playing Farmer Giles Game

Who wins:

  • The first team to collect all hidden items, wins.
  •  Losing teams should pay the forfeits.

Variation on the game:

  • Dog Kennels. In this game, all players will sound like a dog. Of course, they have to bark distinctively for their leaders to recognise them easily. But they can imitate the sound of other teams to mislead their leaders. Leaders who will follow the wrong bark will get a minus point.

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