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Hats Off Adult Game

Hats Off Game is rated 2.7 out of 5 based on 3 votes.

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How to Play the Hats Off Adult Game

This is like the old stand by musical chairs but of different variation. It’s a fun game to play especially if your guest won’t mind leaving the party with a bad hair day.

What you need?

  • Different kinds of funky hats ranging from Easter bonnets to knit ski hats to baseball caps Toupee or wigs

How to play?

  • Assign someone in charge in starting and stopping the music.
  • Let the guest stand in a circle.
  • All of the guest except for one will wear a hat.
  • At the start of the music, each guest will grab their neighbor’s hats and wear it on their own.
  • They will continue doing the task until the music stops.
  • The guest left without a hat on their head will be out from the circle.
  • Once a person is out take also another hat out.

Adults Playing Hats Off Game

Who wins:

  • The last person standing with a hat will win the game.

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